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Buy In October and Get Your Portfolio Sober!


Kick-Off the Best Six Months LIVE and In-Person with Jeff at
the MoneyShow/TradersEXPO
Orlando October 29-31
and the 2023
New Orleans Investment Conference November 1-4
. Ring in the pre-election
year Q4 rally with me in the flesh at these two world-class events.

September seasonal weakness and Octoberphobia are likely to
scare the market ahead of this Halloween tour over the next several. Come join
me and find out when and if my Best Six Months Tactical Seasonal MACD Buy Signal
has triggered, what my next market moves will be and what stocks and ETFs I will
be buying and sell this season.

My friends at the MoneyShow organization have assembled a
dynamite lineup of world-class market strategists, economists, professional
traders, money managers, and newsletter publishers.

You can see from the just-released preliminary
that you’re in for an unparalleled investor education experience at
the event, which runs from October 29-31, 2023. In addition to my talk, you’ll
have the chance to hear and learn from the likes of…

Charles Payne, Host, Fox’s Making Money with Charles

George Gilder, Editor, Gilder’s Technology Report

Lindsey Piegza, Chief Economist, Stifel Financial

Barry Ritholtz, Founder and CIO, Ritholtz Wealth

Mark Skousen, Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

John Carter, Author, Mastering the Trade

Howard Tullman, General Managing Partner, G2T3V, LLC

And more than 75+ other experts! They’ll cover everything
from stocks, bonds, real estate, energy, and precious metals to alternative
investments and elite trading tools and strategies. Plus, the conference is
being held at the Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate – one of the nation’s
premier golf, meeting, and leisure retreats.

AND because you’re one of my valued readers, I CAN SAVE
YOU 20%
on the purchase of a Standard Pass to the event! 


So first,
here is my presentation schedule:

Election Year Outlook: Handicapping the Four-Year Cycle

in October and Get Your Portfolio Sober

And second, here is where you can click
to secure your Standard Pass to the MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Orlando at a 20%
Or if you prefer, call the MoneyShow team at 1-800-970-4355
and reference my discount code SPKR20.

Then get ready. Because I can’t wait to share my insights,
strategies, and forecasts with you – not to mention talk markets IN PERSON – in

The next cycle in the
four-decade-long trend of ever-easier money is about to begin…

…And it’s going to launch another
precious metals and commodities bull market like the one that built fortunes in
the 2000s.

You need to get ready — and this is
where you’ll discover precisely how to do it.

New Orleans Investment Conference
is the one place where the world’s
most sophisticated investors gather every year to discover new opportunities
and strategies, exchange ideas, plan for the coming year and enjoy the
camaraderie of like-minded individuals in America’s most fascinating and
entertaining city.

On Thursday
November 2 I’ll be moderating the Economy Panel with Adrian Day, Brent Johnson,
Peter Schiff, and Mark Skousen
. But I will be there on the floor all week so we can chat markets, economics and my favorite  trades and picks. 
up to $500

from the full registration fee. Just CLICK
to learn more…and join me in New Orleans!

My friend Brien Lundin, CEO of the New Orleans Investment Conference,
has assembled the perfect roster of experts to not only analyze what’s going
on…but also predict what’s about to happen…and give you specific,
actionable advice to profit.

Consider who’s coming to talk to you:

Jim Rickards…Danielle DiMartino Booth…Lyn
Alden…George Gammon…Rick Rule…Dominic Frisby…Brent Johnson…Dave
Collum…Peter Boockvar…James Stack…Peter Schiff…Jim Iuorio…Tavi
Costa…Adrian Day…Adam Taggart…The Real Estate Guys…Gwen Preston…Brent

…Mark Skousen…Nick Hodge…Bob Prechter …Chris
Powell…Economic Ninja…Albert Lu…Gary Alexander…Dana Samuelson…Jeff
Hirsch…Steve Hochberg…Mary Anne & Pamela Aden…Bill Murphy…Gerardo
Del Real…Omar Ayales…Rich Checkan…Keith Weiner…

Orleans 2023 Is Going To Be A Blockbuster

Everything is pointing toward a major new bull run in metals
and commodities. Interest rates are peaking and gold and bonds are beginning to
look past the pause toward the next inevitable turn downward in the rate cycle.

When that happens, the metals are going to soar…and the
strategies and picks you’ll get at New Orleans ’23 should multiply those gains.

Now consider this: By registering now, you’ll not only
guarantee your place at New Orleans ’23…you’ll also save up to $500
from the full registration fee. Just CLICK
to learn more…and join me in New Orleans!

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