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Superstitious or not, Friday 13th in October has been historically bearish

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For those that might be interested, we have looked at the S&P 500 performance on this date often associated with superstition. Since 1930, the S&P 500 has traded a grand total of 157 Friday 13th across all twelve months. The overall track record is 87 up days and 70 down days with a slightly bullish average gain of 0.05% on all Friday 13ths. The worst Friday 13th loss was 6.12% in October 1989. This day is often referred to as “Black Friday.” The best Friday 13th gain was 9.29% in March 2020. Digging deeper into the data reveals that October Friday 13th has been up 6 times, down 7 times with an average loss of 0.58%. Based solely upon average performance, October has been the worst month for Friday 13th. But the last four, October Friday 13th have been positive.

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